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14 June 2023

Volkswagen Buses is launched with the new generation of chassis in this 2023

Volkswagen Buses has launched its new generation of bus chassis in 2023, in commemoration of its 30th anniversary. The brand has experienced growth in bus sales, especially in the southern cone of South America, and has expanded its product line with...
25 May 2023

Busscar Brasil launches its new generation of highway buses

In the neighboring country of Brazil, a leader in the development of buses by different brands that are very familiar to us today in Colombia, as in many Latin American countries, Busscar Brasil, one of its flagship factories, has just presented what...
25 May 2023

Flixbus, the giant passenger road transport company, will arrive in Chile

The German road passenger transport company Flixbus has been expanding in South America and Asia for 5 years, after investing in new capital in 2019. After settling in and conquering part of the market in Brazil, the company now plans to enter Chile...
17 May 2023

In Brazil, one of the strongest manufacturers, presents another E-Bus

Brazilian companies continue to work with a style that is well recognized among them, applying a joint venture (strategic union), now Caio makes the bet, a heavyweight in terms of urban buses in this country, joins efforts with Eletra and WEG to...
17 May 2023

The Brazilian company Trans Acreana, filming on a new international route.

From April 13 at 1:00 pm, the new route was launched that offers the route between the cities of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to Lima in Peru, which is now one of the longest routes in the world in international transportation of passengers by road...
17 May 2023

Marcopolo Attivi, the first bus in Colombia that is mobilized with hydrogen.

This project represents an energy revolution in terms of reducing polluting emissions and is supported by companies such as Superpolo, Fanalca, Fenoge, Transdev, TransMilenio and Ecopetrol. The bus, called Attivi, is manufactured by Marcopolo and...
17 May 2023

The "Va y Ven" Public transportation system of Mérida, launches with Colombian products

Since the Busscar de Colombia export program started, three models have gained vital importance in the Mexican market. The Busstar DD has become the favorite of soccer teams thanks to Mercedes-Benz, the Busstar 380 has earned its place among...
06 May 2023

Marcopolo celebrates the delivery of the coach number 1000 Generation 8

The 8th generation of Marcopolo coaches has established itself as the greatest success of the Brazilian bus industry in recent years. The manufacturer celebrates the delivery of the thousandth vehicle produced, a Paradiso G8 1800 Double Decker, to...
03 May 2023

Luminus, Volvo's new letter in electric buses in the Aztec country.

On the occasion of the commemoration of the 25 years of the Swedish brand in Mexico and a few days before the International Transport Congress in Mexico, Volvo unveiled its new locally manufactured electric transport jewel, where the electric trend...
28 April 2023

Intelligent transport manager Optibus tested in Santiago de Chile

The urban transport system of Santiago de Chile (RBU) will incorporate 220 electric bus units within the operation of the current year, through analysis of different variables such as chargers, the number of chargers, government restrictions...
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