Busscar Brasil launches its new generation of highway buses

The new generation of Busscar from Brazil is called NB1, with a lot of emphasis on users, not just beauty, with the traditional quality of the brand.

25 May 2023

In the neighboring country of Brazil, a leader in the development of buses by different brands that are very familiar to us today in Colombia, as in many Latin American countries, Busscar Brasil, one of its flagship factories, has just presented what they have called the family NB1, two options focused on the inter-municipal service market, become the new letters from this manufacturer.


With the references Vissta Buss 345 and Vissta Buss 365, both rear engine options, they bring the most cutting-edge technology and safety. With new front optics, full LED, like the stops and the entire lighting set is completely new. Already distinctive features of Busscar Brasil are still present in the new models, as are their quality, large luggage compartments, as well as easy and cheap parts to change such as loes stops.

The new line is, we can say, the most fluid that the Brazilian brand has had so far, it is a more daring line, with harmonic lines, along with proven and analyzed aerodynamics. Components such as the mirrors have also been previously designed and studied as a whole for aerodynamics, the marker lights or position lights are also exclusive, and the spoiler contributes to reach a more efficient aerodynamic coefficient. The NB1 family has CX (aerodynamic factor) from 0.38 to 0.36 depending on the body options, and a drag force is 4.2%, generating substantial savings in fuel consumption, tires and bearing assembly.

According to Paulo Corso, commercial director of Busscar, the new NB1 family was designed to please and meet the needs of the customer who invests, the driver who transports and the passengers who choose the brand to travel. "In the new family we have aligned the already known robustness of the brand with what is new on the market, increasingly prioritizing quality, safety, comfort and an excellent cost-benefit ratio", he says and adds: "we are happy to launch two vehicles that meet most of the demands of our segment.”


For the driver, the new family provides an enveloping experience and optimization of the cabin space with: ease of accommodation in the driving position and a greater range of vision, thanks to the new mirrors and more accessible controls, which facilitate day to day. The set of five air vents directed at the driver, as well as the lateral acoustic insulation between the cabin and the lounge, provide more calm, comfort and safety, without diverting attention. To increase the technology of this space, it is possible to add the head-up display on the windshield.

Already in the passenger compartment it was developed to provide more comfort, safety and practicality to them. Its finish is refined, with warm colors and upholstered pieces throughout the room and luggage rack. The new composition concept between the hallway and the seating area contributes to a more contemporary look.

The passenger compartment also includes new passenger seats for the Conventional Class, Superpullman Class and Leito Turismo Class, as well as new upholstery, with an anatomical, comfortable and modern design, all with a recline function incorporated into their sides. Developed to meet the needs of its passengers, they are equipped with a USB smart plug (double or single) and a retractable, two or three-point seat belt, among other options.

Busscar's managing partner, Marcelo Ruas, says that this launch reinforces how much the company stands out in the segment. ¨The Vissta 345 and 365 buses are the first buses of a new family, which aim to further consolidate the brand in the national and international market¨

These are the first models of this new generation, designed for medium and long-distance intercity service as well as special service (rental and contracting).