Marcopolo México will firmly bet on producing the new Paradiso G8

Polomex prepares to assemble the innovative Marcopolo G8.

14 June 2023

The Mexican bus market is complex with its own challenges, and at the same time with opportunities in the different niches of passenger transport both for highways and in cities. Marcopolo México with its subsidiary Polomex has been taking different steps, working on strategies to better align with the needs and requirements of this market.


We had the opportunity to confirm directly in communication with its new director, Lucas Gabardo, that after analysis and feasibility studies together with Marcopolo Brasil, it has been decided to start production of its latest generation G8 model, a project that will be carried out at the beginning of 2024, when the adaptations of the same will begin, in the plant of García, Nueva León.

This decision is made given the loss of market that Marcopolo registers in Mexico due to the high costs that the G8 represents for Mexican businessmen, which compared to its closest competitors in the Aztec country is 30% higher, thus leaving Irizar and Volvo Buses as the favorites in the market.


Let's remember that the G8 arrived in Mexico in 2022 to give a fresh air to the market, improving the way of driving by innovating in its technology for the driver, adding new tools on the main panel and also thinking about the passengers, their exceptional comfort, LED lighting, avant-garde details, in addition to its seating, seek to make long trips more pleasant. The G8 buses that have arrived in Mexico are imported and manufactured directly from Brazil at the main plant in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul.

With the new management, Lucas Gabardo, who has been the new CEO for a few months, has, among other objectives, to recover some "lost ground" against other competitors. The new Paradiso G8 model has been widely accepted and has high expectations in interdepartmental service transport companies, special service (rental), in general within the Mexican market, with which Marcopolo wants to fight with a more attractive vehicle. modern

y más a la altura de sus competidores.