Flixbus, the giant passenger road transport company, will arrive in Chile

The German low-cost intercity transport company advances expansion in South America

25 May 2023

The German road passenger transport company Flixbus has been expanding in South America and Asia for 5 years, after investing in new capital in 2019. After settling in and conquering part of the market in Brazil, the company now plans to enter Chile in the second half of the year of the current year.


This passenger transport business model is revolutionizing intercity transport worldwide, which is already a leader in all of Europe and has entered the United States without much difficulty. The business model allows for a differential strategy, joining forces of small and medium-sized companies (of this service in a country) and making them stronger. Thus, Flixbus is in charge of the technological infrastructure of all resource management such as: supply, sale, operational organization, marketing, internal management, quality management; while its partners are in charge of operational resources such as buses, maintenance, and daily operation.

In Chile, the Flixbus team is made up of ten people initially, at the same time staff will be incorporated according to the needs and requirements that the company, the service and the routes demand.


This business model has made road trips more comfortable, sustainable and affordable, both for passengers and other users of the system, applying high quality and safety standards, thus generating a more homogeneous level of service in terms of quality; thus these companies that join become more competitive within the brand of Germany.

This company continues with expansion and innovation plans, who project by 2024 to implement the first buses for long distances with green hydrogen, through German technology Freudenberg Sealing. Also, it is working on the development of an electric bus for long distances with the German vehicle manufacturer Daimler Truck, which plans to put them on the road by 2026 within its fleet.