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03 April 2024

Metrorrey incorporates electric buses manufactured in Nuevo León by Marcopolo

Within the framework of the Restructuring of the TransMetro System in Nuevo León, Metrorrey has put into operation electric buses manufactured locally by the Marcopolo company. These Torino model vehicles with a Marcopolo body were built in Nuevo...
03 April 2024

Marcopolo Superpolo presents innovative electric and hydrogen buses in Colombia

Marcopolo Superpolo, a leader in bus assembly in Colombia, has taken an important step towards sustainable mobility by presenting two innovative bus models, one electric and the other powered by hydrogen, which will be assembled at its Cota plant...
Marcopolo Superpolo
03 April 2024

Mercedes-Benz Buses will build a new facility in Argentina by 2026

Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Buses, the company spun off from the German group for the heavy vehicle business, has announced the construction of a new automotive plant in the Argentine city of Zárate, which will begin operations in the first quarter of...
03 April 2024

Volkswagen will start production of e-Volksbus electric buses in 2024

Volkswagen Trucks and Buses (VWCB) has confirmed that it will begin production of its electric bus called e-Volksbus in the second half of 2024. This model is being developed at VWCB's global engineering center in Resende, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and...
27 March 2024

Busworld Southeast Asia Just 2 Months Away: Register Your Free Ticket Now

With the biggest Indonesian bus and coach body builders having signed up - Adi Putro, Laksana Bus Manufaktur, Mekar Armada and Tentrem - alongside Golden Dragon Bus from China, we are having a nice line-up of brands showing their latest buses and...
07 March 2024

Scania and CANAPAT launch program to train female bus drivers

Scania México, the renowned Swedish manufacturer of solutions for the transportation industry, has taken another step in its commitment to expanding job opportunities for women in the sector. This time, in collaboration with CANAPAT (National Chamber...
Scania México CANAPAT
06 March 2024

Reinventing Efficiency and Sustainability: Irizar presents its i8 Efficient model

Irizar has marked a milestone in the transportation industry with the global launch of its i8 Efficient model during the Mobility Forum Expo. A gem of engineering and design, this new bus promises to be a game changer in terms of efficiency and...
06 March 2024

Va y Ven is committed to electromobility: 45 King Long electric buses for night routes

In May, the Yucatán Va y Ven transportation system will implement 45 King Long electric buses on night routes. These vehicles will operate daily between 10:30 at night and 5 in the morning. This initiative is part of a broader renewal of the Va y Ven...
King Long Eléctrico
06 March 2024

Mercedes-Benz and Its Euro 6 and Electric Bet at the Mobility Forum Expo

Mercedes-Benz Autobuses stood out at the 2024 Mobility Forum Expo with its Euro 6 buses and its O500 U electric chassis, marking a milestone in sustainable mobility. The event, organized by the National Chamber of Passenger and Tourism Transportation...
Mercedes-Benz Expo Foro 2024
05 March 2024

Innovation and Sustainability in Mobility: Master Transportation Leads the Way in Paraguay

Sustainable mobility is about to take a significant leap in Paraguay thanks to Master Transportation Bus Manufacturing Ltd. of Taiwan, which has announced an ambitious project to establish an electric bus factory in the country. With an estimated...
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