Ciudad Juárez renews its public transportation with 22 modern Mercedes-Benz buses

They will transport up to a maximum of 80 passengers on one of the city's main transport routes.

06 May 2024

The border city of Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, has just received an important acquisition of 22 Mercedes-Benz model 2024 buses, which will begin to circulate on the trunk route of the Urban Passenger Transportation System. These new units, equipped with the latest in technology and security, will provide comfort and better service for the residents of Juarez.


The 22 Mercedes-Benz buses have doors to the center to speed up the boarding and disembarking of users, podo-tactile floors and braille plates for orientation of people with different abilities, as well as air conditioning and heating systems. Each seat is equipped with USB chargers to connect mobile devices, and can carry a maximum of 80 passengers on one of the city's main transportation routes.

In terms of security, these buses have 5 cameras installed that are connected to the Sentinel Platform, Satellite Location System, recorder and a Metgroup console to manage the fleet. In addition, they have a Busscar-type body and a 6-cylinder Euro 6 diesel engine, which have low pollutant emissions.

The drivers have already begun their training process in the operation of these buses, who in the first instance will do driving tests without users, and starting the first week of May, they will experiment with passengers on board.

This acquisition of 22 modern Mercedes-Benz buses represents an important step to improve public transportation in Ciudad Juárez, providing users with a more comfortable, safe and sustainable service. In addition, it demonstrates the commitment of local authorities to renew and modernize the urban transportation fleet for the benefit of the people of Juarez.