Apple Bus consolidates its leadership in the mining sector with the delivery of 42 state-of-the-art buses to Transportes Cruz del Sur

Innovation and safety come together in a fleet that sets a new standard for mining transportation in Peru.

15 June 2024

In an important milestone for the Peruvian transportation and mining industry, Apple Bus, a renowned bus body brand, today delivered a fleet of 42 cutting-edge units to Transportes Cruz del Sur. These vehicles, designed specifically for the demanding conditions of mining, are intended for the transportation of internal personnel at Compañía Minera Antamina, one of the largest and most demanding mining operations in Peru and the world.

The delivery ceremony, held in Huachipa, had the distinguished presence of representatives and directors of Transportes Cruz del Sur, Apple Bus, Toyota del Perú and Mitsui Automotive, underlining the relevance of this strategic alliance for the sector.


Innovation and security as priorities:

The units delivered have been built on HINO FC Bus model chassis, incorporating cutting-edge technology to guarantee maximum safety and comfort for passengers. Among the most notable features is the innovative Apple Belt Control system, a cutting-edge solution that allows:

Real-time monitoring of seat occupancy. Control of seat belt activation. Display of critical information on screens for driver and passengers. Remote tracking through a mobile application, providing valuable data in case of incidents. In addition, the buses have HINO FC BUS chassis equipped with a EURO 5 version retarder and the HINO CONNECT telemetry system, guaranteeing optimal performance and precise control of the operation.

Apple Bus: leader in the mining sector:

With this delivery, Apple Bus reaffirms its position as the undisputed leader in the supply of vehicles for the mining sector, adding more than 400 buses intended exclusively for transporting personnel in various mining operations in the country. The company is distinguished by its ability to adapt to the specific needs of each project, being the only manufacturer accredited with the FOPS level 2 standard for units developed for underground mines.

Jesús Martínez, General Manager of Apple Bus, commented: “This delivery represents not only an achievement for our company, but a step forward in the safety and efficiency of mining transportation in Peru. “We are proud to be able to contribute to the safe and sustainable development of an industry so crucial to our country.”


Transportes Cruz del Sur: experience and excellence:

For its part, Transportes Cruz del Sur, with 63 years of experience in the market, reinforces its position as a national benchmark in interprovincial transportation and mining personnel. With this acquisition, the company adds 72 Apple Bus units to its fleet, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and quality in service.

Carlos Rodríguez, Director of Operations at Transportes Cruz del Sur, said: “This new fleet allows us to further raise our service standards, offering our clients in the mining sector a transportation solution that combines safety, comfort and cutting-edge technology.”

A milestone on the 30th anniversary:

The delivery coincides with the 30th anniversary of Apple Glass Peruana, owner of the Apple Bus brand, demonstrating the adaptability and competitiveness of the Peruvian industry in the demanding mining sector. This achievement underscores the company's commitment to continuous innovation and its ability to meet the most demanding needs of the market.

Impact on Peruvian mining:

Minera Antamina, final beneficiary of this fleet, is a benchmark in the national and international mining industry. As the main producer of zinc and silver, and second in copper in Peru, its choice of these vehicles highlights the importance of having transportation equipment that meets the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

This acquisition will not only improve transportation conditions for Antamina workers, but also establishes a new benchmark in the industry, motivating other mining operations to raise their standards regarding safety and comfort in personnel transportation.

The delivery of this fleet of 42 buses marks a significant milestone in the transportation and mining industry in Peru. It represents the confluence of technological innovation, commitment to safety and a vision of excellence shared by Apple Bus, Transportes Cruz del Sur and Minera Antamina. This event not only celebrates present success, but also lays the foundation for a safer and more efficient future in Peruvian mining transportation.