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15 March 2023

Busworld North America 2023

When Henry Ford implemented the chain of assembly and increased automotive production in North America, it would not only create one of the most important industries of the last two siglos, but would allow the development of all the other factors...
09 March 2023

Electric buses for Panama at the end of 2023

Panama seeks to enter electromobility through its operator MiBus with ten years of experience in urban transport in the Panamanian capital, acquiring electric buses. The Central American country has already made a tender for the purchase of buses...
20 February 2023

First 100% electric bus developed in Chile thanks to Reborn Electric Motor, bodyworked by Marcopolo and sold by EPYSA Buses

Chile accelerates its plans to move towards more efficient, non-polluting vehicles, with a government program that establishes that by 2035 100% of light cars and public transport, as well as large machinery, are zero emissions, all this in the...
20 February 2023

Volvo B510R: The rival to beat in 2023

The engine and the box of this new bus (Volvo's most daring bet for the Latin American market with a view to the transformation towards the Euro 6 standard), are used for the first time in passenger vehicles, these being the same ones that equip the...
20 February 2023

How much does the urban transport ticket cost in Latin America in 2023?

Transporting ourselves is perhaps one of the most repetitive daily activities throughout our lives and with it the costs, the price that this action entails. Latin America, as in other regions of the world, lives its own reality in terms of areas and...
20 February 2023

Argentina will start production of buses and trucks of the Volkswagen Group

The objective in the medium term, more precisely in 2024, is to produce in the city of Córdoba, Argentina, to manufacture five models of heavy-duty vehicles: Delivery 9,170 and 11,180, Constellation 17,280 (cab and truck chassis), Volksbus 15,190 OD...
20 February 2023

A look at electromobility from the Colombian ENEL X

Electric mobility has become one of the main objectives of cities that are committed to sustainability and greater efficiency, including Bogotá. To this end, Enel Colombia has led public and private charging infrastructure projects to encourage mass...
20 February 2023

IVECO closed a year of great growth in Latin America with important operations

After announcing its best historical market share in both Brazil and Argentina, IVECO, a brand belonging to the Iveco Group, celebrates its performance in the importer market, where it achieved a growth of +226% in turnover compared to the previous...
13 February 2023

Marcopolo starts testing the Attivi electric bus in Chile

Marcopolo, the leader in Brazil in the production of bus bodies and a benchmark in the global market, began operating the Attivi 100% electric bus in Santiago de Chile this month. The initiative is in line with the company's electromobility strategy...
06 February 2023

Ciudad del Este says "Present" to the inescapable call for electric mobility

The electric vehicles that will start operating from April will be operated by Grupo Timbo, which is already operating in other cities such as Asunción through affiliated companies. For some, the request and staging of 20 electric buses in Ciudad del...
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