First 100% electric bus developed in Chile thanks to Reborn Electric Motor, bodyworked by Marcopolo and sold by EPYSA Buses

Reborn Electric Motor is a Startup company that is a Chilean manufacturer of electric buses, pioneers in Latin America without dependence on China for this class of vehicles.

20 February 2023

Chile accelerates its plans to move towards more efficient, non-polluting vehicles, with a government program that establishes that by 2035 100% of light cars and public transport, as well as large machinery, are zero emissions, all this in the framework of the National Mobility Strategy.


A 100% electric bus or midibus has been presented in Antofagasta, with Marcopolo Senior G7 bodywork, with Glider Mercedes Benz LO916 chassis, with original steering, brake, differential and axle systems of the base chassis; However, we clarify that it is not an electric chassis of the German brand. Reborn Electric Motor is a startup that "remanufactures" vehicles that use diesel engines and converts them into 100 percent electric, changing the entire internal structure for a system that allows them to function as electric as existing vehicles.

Reborn Electric Motor "Not only is a change made to the traction system, but also an update and improvement of the bodywork and chassis, obtaining a vehicle equivalent to a new one in terms of performance, safety, comfort and guarantees", explains Felipe Cevallos founder .

This Marcopolo Generation 7 Senior model has a range of 200 kilometers and a capacity of 24 passengers. It is equipped with different technologies that allow a better user experience, such as air conditioning, heating and USB chargers, among others. It uses a 140.9 kWh CATL Lithium-Ferrophosphate (LTP) battery that allows a range of 200 kilometers and has the ECE R66.02 rollover standard, rear motor and three-point seatbelt. This taxibus has been called Queltehue.


Regarding homologation issues, the Senior Reborn Minero received the certificate from the Vehicular Control and Certification Center (3CV) of the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications, after applying a series of tests, mechanical and safety requirements.

Epysa together with Reborn Electric Motors strategically intend to develop close to 200 new electric buses a year and with that, become the first company in South America fully dedicated to the manufacture of 100% electric buses. For now, it has signed an agreement with the Chilean National Copper Corporation (Codelco) for the provision of 104 vehicles of these characteristics, which will be used to transport workers at the El Teniente de Rancagua mine, which have been operating successfully for years. more than six months, for this year they seek to diversify their offer in the passenger transport market in the urban, tourism and rural bus segments.

On the other hand, the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Juan Carlos Muñoz, assured that the electric bus manufactured in Chile demonstrates that the country is capable of advancing towards sustainable mobility, with joint work between Chilean entrepreneurs and the State in search of reaching the zero emission environmental goals.