The Colombian city of Villavicencio manages the acquisition of 550 electric buses

Also open the doors to electromovilidad and want to give an example

15 March 2023

Thanks to the new government that offers the guarantees against this class of initiatives with zero emissions, the capital of Meta has decided to present a project based on electromobility in urban transport, while other cities want to bet on transport based on gas.


Together with the national government and the city itself, work is being carried out on the search for financing support for investment, it is estimated that there are 550 buses operating under the project that corresponds to the entire fleet of the city. With an estimated cost of 1.2 billion pesos to implement the public transport system in the city and annual operating costs of 152 million pesos, the mayor of Villavicencio together with the ministers of transport and land should carry out the management this year to obtaining and approving the required money.


It is estimated that for this year the bidding will be held and awarded, for 2024 it is expected that the adaptation processes will be started, and in this order in 2026 the first ticket will have 5% of the electric bus fleet until it arrives at a 100% in 2036, a whole challenge for the llane capital.

The commitment to this exemplary project hopes to be a clear example of a pioneer in terms of intermediate cities, as it seeks to continue contributing to development, sustainability in the country with efficiency; that has departed from the Plan Maestro Sostenible y Seguro de la ciudad de Villavicencio.