Busworld North America 2023

The world's largest bus fair this time was exhibited in the United States

15 March 2023

When Henry Ford implemented the chain of assembly and increased automotive production in North America, it would not only create one of the most important industries of the last two siglos, but would allow the development of all the other factors necessary for the construction of a society based on consumption and trade.

The possibility of moving freely across the extensive territory redefined the concept of private property, allowing immigrants, entrepreneurs and locals to settle outside urban centers, creating an infrastructure that catered to the population at the time and place that it demanded.


An extensive and flat territory, also allowed the development of the railways, and the aeronautical industry, driven by the same Ford and instead promoted by Boeing and Douglas, while the dense urban centers (located in the north and east of the country), would develop their cities around mobility by metro and car.

In the midst of this panorama, the autobus as a means of transport has become the alternative for all those who could not seek their own form of locomotion, connecting small populated centers, but never being the protagonist of mobility.

Big country, small market

The United States sold almost 3 million cars in 2022, which represents a drop in registrations of approximately 480,000 units compared to 2021. For its part, the Canadian market totaled 1.5 million cars sold (about 6% less than in 2021), of which 80% were commercial vehicles (trucks and vans), completing a total of 4,500,000 cars registered in North America in the previous year.

The bus market in that part of the world sold just 5,200 units in 2022, 4,400 destined for urban transport, and at least 800 for medium and long-distance services (including tourist buses and city-operated renters). An impressive contrast that denotes the predominance of personal modes of transport over public transport, and the usefulness of productive vehicles as a means of generating employment in the area.



All in one place

Busworld North America 2023 is the first edition of the most important bus fair in the world, in North American territory. Detroit, the automotive city by nature, was the chosen place to welcome manufacturers and exhibitors, in addition to those interested in increasing their awareness through the Busworld Conference.

The event, held with the support of the American Bus Association (ABA), allowed the launch of the most important models of the brands that compete in the market, and there, Latinobus had the opportunity to get to know the bottom of the machines and the most important personalities, thanks to a kind invitation from Busworld International.

It is for ABA an honor to collaborate with the most important bus fair organization in the world, Busworld, a brand that travels to all continents with the best transport. Our first show would take place in 2021 in the city of Baltimore, but it will have to be postponed due to the pandemic. Now, visitors can enjoy a show at the height of the best in the world, which we aspire to, can have a new place in 2025 in Philadelphia¨