Salvador Bahía in Brazil incorporates Mercedes-Benz electric buses

Mercedes-Benz continues to make efforts to contribute to electric mobility

10 April 2023

Urban transport in the city of Salvador, in the state of Bahia, on the east coast of Brazil, received eight electric buses from the manufacturer Mercedes Benz with a Caio eMillennium body. These buses reinforce the city's BRT system.


These are fully electric buses with Mercedes Benz O500U chassis, which will be operated by OT Trans (Óptima Transportes) and for Plataforma Transportes. They are buses 12.5 meters long with a capacity of 72 passengers, they have an electric motor, with a WEG inverter and battery, they are also equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi and have a low platform.


The director of sales and marketing of Mercedes Benz Brazil, Mr. Walter Barbosa affirms that the attention to the managers and operators of El Salvador goes beyond the electric buses, buses have also been acquired under the OF 1721, LO 916 chassis, in addition to these O500U, consolidating the preference for the brand in the main capitals of Brazil. The star brand has also been making strategic alliances to develop and offer products that complement each other focused on the electric mobility sector.

O500U is a chassis specially designed and developed for the Brazilian market, as well as for the Latin American region, the electro-electronic concept of the chassis used for electric bus in Brazil is based on the eCitaro bus of the German brand. The O500 line of chassis is distinguished by its mechanical robustness, which allows greater load capacities.