Electric buses for Panama at the end of 2023

MiBus urban transport operator in Panama City, has held a tender to acquire its first electric buses and the charging yard for them

09 March 2023

Panama seeks to enter electromobility through its operator MiBus with ten years of experience in urban transport in the Panamanian capital, acquiring electric buses.

The Central American country has already made a tender for the purchase of buses with zero emissions with the support of the International Development Bank.


Although so far only pilot tests have been carried out that ended in 2020, the goal is for the operating company to acquire five Chinese brand Yutong buses. To achieve this goal, the MiBus operator is preparing all the documents so that said buses arrive towards the last months of the current year.

These vehicles will tour tourist areas of the old town of Panama City, for the mobilization of citizens and tourists who want to know the historical areas, as well as cultural activities. These buses will be recharged from two 120kW chargers provided by Yutong.

At the same time, this operator also carried out the tender for an electrical charging yard for ten 120kW quick plugs that can recharge 20 buses simultaneously, along with all the infrastructure that this requires.