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28 April 2023

The manufacturer of buses Van Hool by the hand of ABC Companies

The Belgian manufacturer Van Hool has been represented in North America by ABC Companies for more than two decades, achieving great success among customers, especially those looking for highly reliable and high-performance buses.
28 April 2023

Scania launches its first electric bus in Mexico for the XCaret Group

Xcaret approximately 13 years ago decided to have its own fleet of buses without being a passenger transport company itself; This company dedicated to tourism has always bet on innovation, sustainability and respect for the environment, which are its...
28 April 2023

Allison Transmission equips buses powered by CNG in the Transmilenio system in Colombia

Allison Transmission, the main manufacturer and developer of transmissions for commercial and defense vehicles, leader in propulsion solutions for conventional and electric vehicles, as well as fully automatic transmissions, announces that, for the...
28 April 2023

The Toluca of Mexico and its latest addition, the soul of a German and the body of a Colombian

Those known as the "red devils" in the country of Mexico, will now be able to make their trips in a double-decker bus with a Mercedes-Benz OC500 RF 2543 6×2 chassis with third directional axle, low emissions, better consumption, automated...
11 April 2023

In Argentina, they evaluate the assembly and supply of electric buses of the Yutong brand

The Chinese brand Yutong, which to this day brings its fully manufactured buses from the Asian country, is studying the option of manufacturing them directly in Argentina, for this reason the GEP (Grupo Empresario Prieto) has been holding meetings to...
10 April 2023

Sustainable mobility pilot with hydrogen begins in Bogotá

With the start-up of a comprehensive operation that includes the production of low-emission hydrogen, a product compression and storage system, a service station that includes a hydrogen generator, and a public transport bus for 50 passengers, the...
10 April 2023

In Rosario Argentina, 145 new buses entered public transport

The goal in the city of Rosario was to reach 690 buses in service for the current year and return to the number that was had until before the pandemic, with the latest additions made as of Friday, March 3, the goal was reached. The different...
10 April 2023

Salvador Bahía in Brazil incorporates Mercedes-Benz electric buses

Urban transport in the city of Salvador, in the state of Bahia, on the east coast of Brazil, received eight electric buses from the manufacturer Mercedes Benz with a Caio eMillennium body. These buses reinforce the city's BRT system.
21 March 2023

Marcopolo shines in the United States presenting a midibus designed for that market

The well-known Brazilian gaucho manufacturer, which normally works in emerging markets, this time it is playing differently in a developed country. Marcopolo usually uses business strategies by uniting with local manufacturers (such as Superior at...
15 March 2023

Volvo testing in Brazil with its emblematic BZL electric unit

Brazil is a plaza where many brands wanted to have a product on the ground in their windows, but with a demand for purchase, thanks to which it is a country with a vast extension, with cities of different sizes, many on the way to development, some...
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