Allison Transmission equips buses powered by CNG in the Transmilenio system in Colombia

Two of the nation's largest operators took delivery of 263 new buses powered by gas-powered Scania F280s and equipped with Allison Torqmatic® Series fully automatic transmissions

28 April 2023

Allison Transmission, the main manufacturer and developer of transmissions for commercial and defense vehicles, leader in propulsion solutions for conventional and electric vehicles, as well as fully automatic transmissions, announces that, for the first time, Organización SUMA S.A.S. and Consorcio Express S.A.S., which are among the largest transportation operators in Colombia, will receive 263 new Scania F280 buses powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), equipped with Allison Torqmatic® Series fully automatic transmissions.


The first Scania F280 4×2 Euro VI front-engine CNG buses equipped with Allison T375R fully automatic transmissions are entering service with Bogotá's Integrated Public Transport System (SITP). Operators report that Allison's transmissions can easily compensate for Bogotá's high altitude, 2,600 meters above sea level.

Allison's fuel independent transmissions pair well with natural gas engines. Allison-equipped natural gas vehicles maximize performance while reducing emissions and engine noise levels, leading to a better experience for both drivers and passengers.

The fully automatic Scania buses have proven efficient in different topographies across the city and demonstrated excellent hill-starting ability with inclines greater than 20%. The new buses equipped with the T375R also exceeded fuel economy expectations.

The new nine meter long bus model, with a capacity for 50 passengers, can operate in urban areas that require smaller vehicles without sacrificing sustainability, both economically and environmentally. This smaller vehicle integrates the Allison T375R fully automatic transmission with the 283.8 horsepower CNG engine and is specifically designed to travel on steep roads, neighborhoods with narrow streets and downtown areas. This CNG bus configuration equipped with Allison, 9 meter bus and Euro VI compliant is being used for the first time in Bogotá and around the world.


Among the buyers of the new vehicles is Organización SUMA S.A.S, which has a fleet of more than 1,000 buses that circulate in several Latin American countries, as well as being one of the largest mass passenger transport operators in Colombia. The group recently took delivery of 55 F280 CNG buses with Allison T375R automatic transmissions. The new units act as feeder buses for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Bogotá, as well as in cities such as Cartagena and Cali.

The Express S.A.S. started operating another 208 units in January 2023, totaling 263 new Scania CNG-branded buses equipped with Allison delivered to renew the fleets of these fleets. Express is the main mass transit operator in Colombia, with a fleet of approximately 2,000 vehicles of various sizes and applications, and operates in several of its cities. The operators of the TransMilenio Integrated Public Transport System (SITP), in Bogotá, also have 562 Scania F340 HA Biarticulated buses equipped with Allison B516R automatic transmission, in addition to Hino FC9J models with Allison T2200, and almost 1,000 Bluebird and Thomas buses with the Allison B300 transmission.

“We are very pleased with the superior performance reported by our customers with buses that bring together the most modern technologies from Allison and Scania to produce an efficient and competitive CNG vehicle”, says Gabriel Ruggiero, Regional Director of Operations for South America, Allison Transmission. "Our experience with urban transport vehicles in Colombia is very old, and this new acquisition by companies to renew their fleets is one more sign that we continue to provide robustness, durability, availability and performance."

The two operators that purchased these Scania F280 buses have expanded their Allison fleets based on their experiences with Allison-equipped buses of other sizes. Operators have achieved excellent results in durability, fuel economy and customer service, key factors for operators to consider this configuration in other South American cities and countries in the coming years.