Luminus, Volvo's new letter in electric buses in the Aztec country.

The electromobility race is getting faster every day and so each competitor shows their chips, this time it is Volvo in Mexico who shows its new bishop

03 May 2023

On the occasion of the commemoration of the 25 years of the Swedish brand in Mexico and a few days before the International Transport Congress in Mexico, Volvo unveiled its new locally manufactured electric transport jewel, where the electric trend is advancing rapidly.


The new electric bus has been presented under the name of Luminus, a vehicle with a very European genotype in its external line, it contains distinctive Volvo details, dynamic straight lines in its headlights and sides, being very thin as a whole, making it look with a avant-garde figure at the same time as robust. Its body is low-floor, with wide service doors, it is available in lengths between 9.7 and 13 meters, they can have a battery pack between 280 and 470 kWh depending on the length, which can provide a range of 400 km. It also has kind interior spaces, Volvo's latest generation active and predictive safety systems, with speed limit adjustments, pedestrian detection, among others.


The Swedish manufacturer continues to make its commitment to vehicles with zero emissions or free of fossil fuels in Mexico, technologies in which it will continue to invest and continuously investigate, as well as in all after-sales service and support throughout the country "manito". Continuing to work on security is one of the company's main focuses, also on generating sustainable solutions, without losing performance and productivity for its clients' businesses.

The Luminus is a unit that is manufactured at the Volvo Buses plant in the city of Tultitlan, with vast experience in the Mexican market, it continuously offers buses tailored to Mexican customers, not in vain is it one of the best-selling brands within of the country, with comprehensive solutions that have several added values. Volvo supports and accompanies the entire operation of the transporters with an entire infrastructure designed for this purpose. Thus, this new 100% electric bus unit provides an ideal cost-benefit with permanent support during its useful life.