In Argentina, they evaluate the assembly and supply of electric buses of the Yutong brand

Bringing the chassis from China and bodywork it in the gaucho country at the Moreno plant would be the main objective of the GEP group

11 April 2023

The Chinese brand Yutong, which to this day brings its fully manufactured buses from the Asian country, is studying the option of manufacturing them directly in Argentina, for this reason the GEP (Grupo Empresario Prieto) has been holding meetings to meet and exchange experiences on the subject. of public transport.

The GEP management wants to give a plus to the new plant in the Moreno industrial park, installing an assembly plant dedicated to electric buses. Nuovobus is the manufacturer that inaugurated a new plant less than a year ago, very modern, with extensive facilities, an architecture and infrastructure at the height of international stature.


Grupo Prieto has a network of concessionaires from different portfolios around transportation, agriculture, finance, ambulance manufacturing, bus manufacturing, spare parts sales, all based on the principle of sustainable development and care for the environment. In 2018 they brought the first four Yutong electric buses that tested in Buenos Aires, then these vehicles were taken to the city of San Juan where tests have been carried out from solar generation in the vehicles. There is a projection of 50 years with a zero emissions plan (focused on clean energy, of any origin) in Argentina and they hope to export the buses to other countries in the South American region and even Latin America.


One of the biggest advantages of this Argentine conglomerate is that it works and focuses on making efforts from business divisions that complement each other, wanting to find and offer its clients a comprehensive set of solutions. In this case, to obtain the electric buses directly manufactured in Argentina, they will manage the logistics, import the Yutong chassis and install the Nuovobus body to deliver the complete bus to the domestic and export markets. This family group does not improvise, they have many years of experience in different fronts of the transport sector.