Intelligent transport manager Optibus tested in Santiago de Chile

Artificial intelligence increasingly involved in mobility and public transport systems, RBU de Santiago entrusts management to this software

28 April 2023

The urban transport system of Santiago de Chile (RBU) will incorporate 220 electric bus units within the operation of the current year, through analysis of different variables such as chargers, the number of chargers, government restrictions, charging times, costs of Night loading has already started with the operation of 25 e-buses where the Optibus company has been in charge of studying the data of the variables coupling the transport system vs. the infrastructure to make the operation as efficient as possible.

Through the use of artificial intelligence, data management (data management) and algorithms pre-studied by Optibus, the scenarios for the use of the complete fleet of 245 electric buses have already been pre-evaluated, thus many pre-existing factors are already found. also configured in different conditions and/or environments.


Chile, like Colombia, is a country with great challenges where it aspires to reach a fleet of 1,900 e-buses on the roads of Santiago to have 100% zero-emission vehicles by 2040.

Electric vehicle management software from Israeli company Optibus is more than just supporting goals and strategies for moving from combustion engine vehicles to electric power.

Electric buses are conditioned by restrictive variables that can be multiplied according to their environments, such as schedules, existing routes, frequencies during the day and week, charging times, charging quantities versus battery cycles. , the routes, the charging stations, the class of chargers, the charging classes (slow or fast), the weather, the topography, driving, energy costs, not counting potential bus failures in the event of any event; Controlling all the variables could be almost impossible for any team of personnel specialized in transport and fleet management, which is why Optibus has been working since 2014 and developing solutions that are more friendly and consistent with the needs of the cities that require it. , who have trusted their results.


Thus, Optibus is a key partner in the management of public transport that strengthens the results of the needs of different operators. On this occasion, in Chile, RBU de Santiago makes a commitment to give efficiency to the mass transport system and the mobility of the capital; All decisions and implementations tend to the same factor: sustainability, mitigating and eliminating waste from any source that contributes to zero emissions in different areas (not only in terms of vehicles), giving more accurate management to all logistics and planning, regarding this class of buses. Managers such as this software help facilitate the transition to clean mobility energies.