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26 January 2023

I6S Efficient: Coach of the Year in 2023 in Spain

Nine hundred and fifty kg less, reduced fuel consumption by 13%, better aerodynamics (+30%), less noise and vibrations and integrated predictive maintenance systems: All this and much more is the new Irizar i6S, the most efficient coach of the...
26 January 2023

Allison Transmission equips CNG buses in the largest transportation system in Colombia

The first Scania F280 4×2 Euro VI front-engined buses powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and equipped with Allison T375R fully automatic transmissions are entering service on the TransMilenio Integrated Public Transport System (SITP) in Bogotá...
16 January 2023

A new fleet of Volvo Euro 6 buses crosses the Andes mountain range

The Metropolitan Mobility Network, the transport system of the city of Santiago de Chile is considered one of the most modern on the continent and in the world and to continue being a benchmark, the service operators decided to purchase no less than...
16 January 2023

The era of Euro 6 arrives in Colombia

Despite the fact that the last standard for the verification and control of emissions in vehicles with internal combustion engines was promulgated 10 years ago, until now it has become the obligatory topic of conversation in the automotive sector...
16 January 2023

Busscar exports its first Busstar DD to South Africa

Busscar marks a milestone in the national car body industry, by managing to export its first unit to South Africa, fully developed in Colombia and designed to circulate in the African country. It is a Busstar DD, whose main difference compared to...
15 January 2023

IVECO BUS presented its E-WAY electric bus in Uruguay, the first of its kind in the region. (By Motor a Diesel)

IVECO BUS presented its E-Way electric bus in Uruguay, the first of its kind in the region. IVECO has presented its innovative E Way urban bus in Uruguay. As we have recently announced in Diesel Engine, if there are two countries that will promote...
12 January 2023

Busworld Virtual Tour crosses Latin America and starts in Peru

As a warm up for the bus and coach market before the Busworld Latin America exhibition in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 14-16 June, Busworld organizes a virtual tour across the continent. First stop: Peru.
Busworld Tour Virtual hero
11 January 2023

Busworld Latin America started the year with great news

Busworld Latin America, which will be held for the first time in Buenos Aires, begins the year in a big way with an edition that will offer opportunities for the exchange of ideas, with the participation of the greatest leaders in the passenger...
28 December 2022

Mercedes-Benz Argentina reaches the manufacturing of its 110,000 unit

Mercedes-Benz Camiones y Buses achieves another milestone in Argentina: the production of more than 110,000 chassis for buses. Two out of every three buses in circulation in that country are Mercedes-Benz. This is produced thanks to the trust...
28 December 2022

Combuses will switch to electric the buses that go to the Rionegro airport, in Medellín, Colombia.

In recent days, the pilot test began with a Zhongtong LCK6850EVG electric bus, which will operate on the route between Medellín and the José María Córdova airport located in the municipality of Rionegro. Wilson Mejía, manager of Combuses, a...
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