How much does the urban transport ticket cost in Latin America in 2023?

Mobility is not only a daily action, but also an expense and cost of our lives, a look at values in Latin America

20 February 2023

Transporting ourselves is perhaps one of the most repetitive daily activities throughout our lives and with it the costs, the price that this action entails. Latin America, as in other regions of the world, lives its own reality in terms of areas and challenges.


The values of the tickets in the countries depend on variables such as inflation rates, salary adjustments, fuel costs, increases in the cost of living, currency devaluation and even the internal policies of the countries.

For Latin America, unfortunately, public transport in cities is one of the weaknesses and one of the challenges to serve in practically all countries, going through dissatisfaction with the service, lack of infrastructure, informality, obsolescence, delay in frequencies, lack of coverage, traffic congestion, administrative and technical capacity, among others.


Being a daily action that conditions a cost and declares a part of well-being, it is manifested in quality of life as the cost of living itself, that is why we are going to take a look at the prices of tickets in several of the most important capitals in the region.

Here are the ticket prices from the most expensive to the cheapest in the main Latin American cities:

  1. Montevideo, Uruguay: US$1.05 or US$1.20 (42 Uruguayan pesos for an hour ticket, or 52 cash payment).
  2. Lima, Peru: US$0.84 (3.20 soles).
  3. São Paulo, Brazil: US$ 0.83 (4.40 reais for a single journey with connection to other lines or services).
  4. Santiago de Chile; Chile: US$0.76 and 0.95 (600 and 800 Chilean pesos).
  5. Tegucigalpa, Honduras: US$0.65 (16 lempiras).
  6. Bogotá, Colombia: US$0.60 and US$0.56 (2,950 and 2,750 Colombian pesos).
  7. Quito, Ecuador: US$0.45 by metro and 0.60 integrated (bus and metro)
  8. Mexico City, Mexico: US$0.26 (5 Mexican pesos).
  9. Guatemala City: US$0.12 and 0.14, up to US$0.24 (1 and 2 quetzales).
  10. Caracas, Venezuela: US$0.10 (2 bolivars).
  11. Buenos Aires, Argentina: US$0.10 (35 Argentine pesos).