Colombian soccer team Deportes Tolima has summoned a new figure for 2023

A touch of avant-garde and glamor accompanies the game of the Pijao team, rolling at the height of a champion.

26 January 2023

¨Believe is power¨, the institutional slogan of Deportes Tolima becomes one of the most recognizable visual emblems of the new ¨figura¨ that the team has in this 2023, it is nothing more and nothing less than a new bus at the service of the set, a vehicle at the height of champions; It is a Busstar 380 model from Busscar de Colombia, mounted on a Chevrolet LV 452 chassis. Without a doubt, a bus that is made up of sophistication, in the best European style, to mobilize the players and coaching staff comfortably, as well as safety features that accompanies this range of vehicles.


A bus with stars (2003, 2018, 2021 in which it has been champion) and for stars, both players and fans can be proud of the new machine, with the imposing ¨Pijao¨ on both sides, as well as its colors ¨ red wine and gold¨ makes the vehicle totally recognizable from a distance, equipped with 42 reclining luxury chairs, air conditioning, sanitary bathroom, pass-through warehouses, state-of-the-art lighting; It will be part of the group of vehicles of the Tolimense campus and will be used to travel to nearby destinations.


It remains to be seen if the leaders of the pijao club decide to change the image of the new team vehicle after leaking images on the networks, since in the past it has been decided to do this when photographs of official shirts have been leaked where the designs reach the media of communication, breaking the surprise factor a bit for the new season.