A look at electromobility from the Colombian ENEL X

Enel X is the business line of Enel Colombia that seeks the transformation of energy with a view to sustainable development.

20 February 2023

Electric mobility has become one of the main objectives of cities that are committed to sustainability and greater efficiency, including Bogotá. To this end, Enel Colombia has led public and private charging infrastructure projects to encourage mass and private mobility.


"Enel X's commitment also extends to lead the development of projects that have contributed to the increase in electric mobility in Colombia, an example of which are the six electric charging yards that were delivered to the city between 2020 and 2022, with capacity to house 878 buses, of which 401 were provisioned by the Company, and with a total of 412 fast chargers¨, declared Carlos Mario Restrepo, manager of Enel X.

This management becomes even more relevant if one takes into account that Bogotá is one of the 30 busiest cities in the world, which generates the need to drastically reduce the level of particles that are emitted, of which 70% are generated by the transport sector, according to Greenpeace.

But what is Enel X?

Enel X is the business line of Enel Colombia that seeks the transformation of energy with a view to sustainable development.

Enel X provides tailor-made solutions; adapts to the needs of its clients to provide them with alternatives that can include all the components of the mobility ecosystem, such as those particular ones required by the client, which can include everything from the property and the design of the electroterminal, through the charging infrastructure, electric vehicle fleets, digital components and maintenance. All this with a continuous accompaniment under the support generated by the history of the Enel group.


The company has a business model for its strategic partners where it offers everything from advice to end-to-end project financing (infrastructure, buses, complementary systems), where vast experience is offered in its implementation.

This is how Enel X becomes a strategic ally for electric mobility infrastructure, accompanied by the highest standards in technology and energy efficiency. As a result, Bogotá has positioned itself as a leading city in electric mobility in the region and the second city in the world with the largest number of electric buses.

Benefits of electric bus fleets

One of the main problems cities face is air pollution. That is why the implementation of electric mobility in public transport is one of the best alternatives to reduce the impact and that makes the environmental component one of the main benefits of electric buses due to the practically zero emission of exhaust gases exhaust and particulate matter.

¨Mobility currently represents about a third of energy consumption; For this reason, the transition to a highly efficient local electrical system without emissions is one of the main challenges to build sustainable cities¨.

Carlos Mario Restrepo, manager of Enel X, a business line of Enel Colombia.