Ciudad del Este says "Present" to the inescapable call for electric mobility

Since April, the city in the southeast of Paraguay has made an incursion into contributing to a more environmentally friendly transport, where 20 electric buses will enter

06 February 2023

The electric vehicles that will start operating from April will be operated by Grupo Timbo, which is already operating in other cities such as Asunción through affiliated companies. For some, the request and staging of 20 electric buses in Ciudad del Este in Paraguay may seem small, however, it is the largest electric bus connection made in the country of the South American cone.


This contribution is likely to arouse national interest and energize a greater commitment from cities such as the capital Asunción, among others. For this reason, the doors and the interest remain open to continue increasing the number of participation of this class of vehicles.

In Paraguay there are other initiatives that contribute to the change and improvement of the transportation system of the Asunción Metropolitan Area, a region where the largest number of people in the country are.


This fleet that will arrive in the coming weeks is from the Chinese brand Zhongtong and supplied by the Timbo group through Cathay SAE.

It must be remembered that at the end of 2022 the electromobility legislation was approved, where it established the incentives, exemptions, facilities for the different modalities and types of electric vehicles in Paraguay.