IVECO closed a year of great growth in Latin America with important operations

IVECO closed a year of great growth in Latin America with important operations

20 February 2023

After announcing its best historical market share in both Brazil and Argentina, IVECO, a brand belonging to the Iveco Group, celebrates its performance in the importer market, where it achieved a growth of +226% in turnover compared to the previous year.


At the beginning of 2022, the company announced its investment plan for Latin America of USD200 million destined to the development of new products, services and programs focused on Customer Experience; the continuity of expansion and renewal of the Service Network, the nationalization and localization of parts and components, the growth of production processes and new contracts, among other points.

It is from this program that actions such as the development of the Euro VI line for the region, the launch of S-Way for Chile, the presentation of the electric E-Way in Uruguay, the renewal of the CNG Tector manufactured in Argentina together with the nationalization of Tector 9, 11 and 15 tons or the launch of Natural Power in Brazil.


"We want to continue strengthening the presence of the brand in the region and the way to do it is to always work focused on our customers, offering them the most varied products and first-rate services," said Marcio Querichelli, president of IVECO in Latin America.

Through its dealers, its strategic partners, IVECO carries out work to identify market needs in all segments and for all types of customers. In this way, we were able to offer a complete portfolio with the possibility of covering everything from the transport of light loads to heavy off-road and long-distance trucks”, commented Reinaldo Rossoni, Commercial Director of IVECO for Latin America.

"The goal for the coming years is to expand the portfolio of products and services with a focus on customer profitability and working closely with our importers. We will continue advancing throughout the continent”, added Querichelli.