Argentina will start production of buses and trucks of the Volkswagen Group

From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus Ltda. announces the creation of a partnership with Volkswagen Argentina S.A. to produce trucks and buses.

20 February 2023

The objective in the medium term, more precisely in 2024, is to produce in the city of Córdoba, Argentina, to manufacture five models of heavy-duty vehicles: Delivery 9,170 and 11,180, Constellation 17,280 (cab and truck chassis), Volksbus 15,190 OD chassis. ; This seeks to strengthen sales in the gaucho country.


The assembly line will have 15,000 square meters, a dedicated area within the Volkswagen Argentina facilities, where transmissions for cars are currently manufactured and recently the Ducati Scrambler 803 cc motorcycle.

VWCO President and CEO Roberto Cortes said: “Next year, our brand will celebrate its 25th anniversary in Argentina, which is historically our most important export destination in South America. Today we have a successful commercial operation between our companies, with shared management and a network of local dealers. Nothing better than celebrating this anniversary in advance with such a special announcement, which will also reinforce our internationalization strategy”.


This was complemented by Marcellus Puig, president and CEO of the VW Group of Argentina: ¨The Cordoba Industrial Center of the Volkswagen Group is recognized among the component factories of the group in the world for its great professionalism and excellent human team. That is why it is a source of great pride that it continues to be selected to carry out new innovative projects of the VW Group in Argentina, as is the case of Ducati with the recent start of production of the Scrambler in the country and now this ambitious project for trucks and buses¨ .

This announcement was made in the presence of the Minister of Economy of Argentina, Mr. Sergio Massa, as well as the Secretary of Industry and Productive Development, Mr. José Ignacio de Mendiguren.