Volvo testing in Brazil with its emblematic BZL electric unit

The electric wave continues in Latin America, the Swedish brand Volvo now in Brazil is now testing

15 March 2023

Brazil is a plaza where many brands wanted to have a product on the ground in their windows, but with a demand for purchase, thanks to which it is a country with a vast extension, with cities of different sizes, many on the way to development, some that are an example of modern urbanism, a country with many challenges among them to contribute to the environmental impact, in particular to be one of the countries that crosses the Amazonian eje. That's why electromobility has ground to extend its applications, that's why Volvo is also on the radar of urban passenger transport.


With the BZL model, an excellent bus, with the brand's own characteristics, of very Swedish lines, is already being tested in São Paulo, Río de Janeiro and Curitiba. This model was presented last year at the LatBus exhibition, and it has decided to start real tests in firm, to approach tacit results and conclusions that den a north of itself, this model works, or if adjustments must be made or it is definitely not viable.


The units that are in the tests have been brought from Sweden directly while the tests are being carried out. In case of having satisfactory results, this bus will be manufactured directly at the Volvo Brazil plant in Curitiba, which, in addition to being 100% electric, has a unique feature that is a modular bus, so it can vary both in length and height and constructive qualities and service as it can be the floor of the passenger compartment.