BYD and Castrosua join ties to launch a new long-range electric bus

The Chinese manufacturer of electric vehicles continues to make strategic unions with different bodybuilders in the world, now in Spain

14 June 2023

Through the strategic union between BYD of China and Castrosua, both the concept and the result of the vehicle have been worked on, they have worked on the design with 3D modeling that has allowed evaluating all the customization options as well as the production processes. , making them more efficient. It also makes it easy to show customers the different tailor-made options.


The Castrosua body has a very bright interior through its indirect LED light system, the passenger compartment is also very spacious and comfortable. It complies with regulation 66 (resistance of the structure to overturning) and is the lightest in this segment of passenger transport vehicles.

With a single charge that can reach 450 km, this 100% electric, zero-emission bus is 12 meters long, with a capacity of up to 92 passengers through a 422 kWh battery capacity, so this vehicle can guarantee more than 450 km on a single charge. BYD batteries manage the ideal temperature during vehicle operation, adapting to different temperatures. BYD's chassis uses the 6-in-1 controller that integrates the entire electrical and electronic ecosystem of the bus, so that reliability, efficiency and safety are constantly present.

BYD continues its expansion throughout the world constantly throughout the West, where it has already sold more than 90,000 units around the world, in fact it is evaluating setting up factories in Europe, perhaps in France, Germany or Spain.