In Brazil, one of the strongest manufacturers, presents another E-Bus

Caio is present in Curitiba and puts one of its flagship buses to work in the urban system of this city

17 May 2023

Brazilian companies continue to work with a style that is well recognized among them, applying a joint venture (strategic union), now Caio makes the bet, a heavyweight in terms of urban buses in this country, joins efforts with Eletra and WEG to bring the new eMillennium which was presented at the Workshop on Business Models for Eletromobility held on May 11 and 12 of this year.


With a Millennium body by Caio, it is a classic of mass passenger transport in Brazil, this bus has a total length of 12.15 meters, capacity for 70 passengers, an Eletra e-Bus electrification system, electric motor and WEG batteries. This unit will be incorporated into the company Viação Redentor, which is managed by URBS, which is starting tests in Curitiba, capital of Paraná.

The eMillennium model is a benchmark in terms of the search for innovation and sustainable technology, it is a robust bus, although simple, as well as practical, low maintenance cost, among other characteristics. One of the main objectives is to contribute to the wave of zero emissions that is beginning to prevail in urban passenger transport in different cities around the world. The optics of this model are LED-type and interchangeable for the right or left side, as well as a tripartite bumper for easy replacement, as well as a power station with plenty of space that allows you to work very comfortably during inspections. One of its qualities is the spacious passenger compartment, with accessibility for people with reduced mobility.


The event was held between the Mayor's Office of Curitiba and the organizations WRI Brazil and C40 Cities, to promote the decarbonization of passenger transport fleets, it was held on Thursday, May 11 and Friday, May 12 at the Burle Marx Ecological Mall, Parque Barigui, from Curitiba. During the event, the mayor's office announced that an investment of R$200 million (Reais) will be made for the acquisition of 70 electric buses.

Caio is one of the most traditional bus manufacturing companies in Brazil, with more than 77 years of history, it has the capacity to produce 50 bodies per day in two units located in the city of Botucatu and Barra Bonita in São Paulo.