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02 Sep 2019


The Indonesian Ministry of Transportation is preparing to procure 41,000 electric buses to organize public transportation around Jakarta, reports the Indonesian based website It quotes the Head of the Jabodetabek Transportation Regulatory Agency (BPTJ), Bambang Prihartono, who stated this in a recent discussion on transportation in Jakarta. It will be a five year plan with a batch of the first thousand electric buses to come in operation next year.

Public transport is rapidly increasing in and around Jakarta. It doubled in the last two years, according to Bambang. This of course has its effect on the environment in the city. In the governments medium and long plans, electric buses have been included as a means of minimizing the environmental impact of the large community movement. Bambang said that Transjakarta already has an electric bus plan. In the first phase, there was a PPD that tried and ordered electric buses from Mobil Anak Bangsa, MAB. We also invite other companies that have routes in Jakarta and surrounding areas to switch to electric buses", he said.

Normally the Ministry of Transportation is to procure urban buses to be distributed to various regions in Indonesia. This will change with the procurement of electric buses, Bambang said. But facilities for bus operators from the private sector to procure buses will be provided, he added.