Mercedes-Benz Buses will build a new facility in Argentina by 2026

The announcement was made by Raúl Barcesat, president of Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Buses in Argentina.

03 April 2024

Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Buses, the company spun off from the German group for the heavy vehicle business, has announced the construction of a new automotive plant in the Argentine city of Zárate, which will begin operations in the first quarter of 2026. This investment of 110 million dollars complements the company's expansion plans in the country.

The announcement was made by Raúl Barcesat, president of Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Buses in Argentina, during a meeting with authorities from the Ministry of Economy and Secretariats of Industry and Productive Development, and Commerce. Archim Puchert, president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Buses Latin America, was also present.


This new factory represents the first announcement of a new vehicle plant in Argentina in almost a decade, the last being in 2015, when Nissan decided to invest 300 million dollars to produce pick-ups in Córdoba together with Renault.

The Daimler Truck Group subsidiary, Mercedes-Benz Camiones y Buses, has operated in Argentina as an independent company since December 2021. A year later, it announced an investment of 20 million dollars to acquire a property in Zárate, followed by another 30 million dollars in July 2022 for the installation of an auto parts and spare parts logistics center.

The new automotive plant will consume an additional 60 million dollars, completing the total amount of the investment plan of 110 million dollars.

“This date will remain in our history. We came to the country in 1951. In December 2021, the split occurred. And, from there, we began to write another story,” celebrated Raúl Barcesat.


Starting in the first quarter of 2026, all Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Buses operations will move to the new Zárate plant, including production of the Accelo and Atego truck models, the OH and OF bus chassis, and the utility Sprinter, which are currently manufactured at the La Matanza plant.

The new factory will have a production capacity of 10,000 units per year in two shifts, more than double what is currently produced in La Matanza. According to Barcesat, the projection is that the local market can double, and this new plant will allow them to supply it.

Last year, Mercedes-Benz patented 5,238 heavy commercial vehicles in Argentina, with a 37% share in a total market of 14,163 units.

With this investment, Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Buses reaffirms its commitment to the Argentine automotive industry and positions itself to satisfy the growing demand of the local and regional market.