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Scania and CANAPAT launch program to train female bus drivers

The announcement was made within the framework of the Expo Foro Movilidad 2024, in Mexico City.

07 March 2024

Scania México, the renowned Swedish manufacturer of solutions for the transportation industry, has taken another step in its commitment to expanding job opportunities for women in the sector. This time, in collaboration with CANAPAT (National Chamber of Passenger and Tourism Transportation), it will launch a new educational program called “Scania Drivers” focused on training women in bus driving.

The announcement was made within the framework of the Mobility Forum Expo 2024, where both organizations signed a cooperation agreement. This initiative arises as a response to the deficit of operators faced by the transportation industry in Mexico, estimated at 56 thousand drivers, according to calculations by the National Chamber of Cargo Transportation (CANACAR).

Scania Mexico

Scania México has been a pioneer in this type of programs since 2022, when it trained the first generation of 11 women in Tijuana to drive cargo transport vehicles. Later, in 2023, a second generation of 10 women was trained in Coahuila, and in March 2024, another generation of 10 more drivers is preparing to graduate in cargo transportation operations.

On this occasion, the “Scania Female Drivers” program will focus on bus operations. CECATI (Training Centers for Industrial Work) will guarantee the preparation, according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT), so that the graduates obtain an officially valid driver's license. Scania, together with CANAPAT affiliates, will teach the theoretical and practical classes, while a special coach will prepare them for two weeks according to the specific needs of passenger transport.

The study plan consists of 196 hours of theoretical and maneuvering yard training, at the end of which participants will obtain the driver's license necessary to enter the world of work in the passenger transportation sector.

Scania México

According to Virginia Moreno, CANAPAT delegate, there are currently female bus drivers in Mexico, but in a minimum percentage that does not exceed 1% until November 2023. “Additionally, we must remember that Scania has previously trained three generations of specialized female drivers. in cargo transportation, and 90% of them already work in the industry. The natural step, now, is to cover the people transportation sector; That is why CANAPAT is ideal for an agreement of this type,” highlighted Rodolfo Hernández Casanova, Sustainable Transport Solutions Manager of Scania México.

“We are very happy to participate alongside Scania in a program that seeks to accommodate more women in the passenger transport sector. At CANAPAT we carry out different actions to continue helping to reduce the gender gap, while we cover the needs of the industry and our members, with quality always ahead. We are sure of the fruits and benefits that Conductoras Scania will bring for everyone involved,” said Elim Luviano Heredia, Executive Director of CANAPAT.

The bases for the call include being 21 years old, having primary school education onwards, having a driver's license and availability of time to take this special program from beginning to end.

It is important to highlight that, as a result of the first steps taken by Scania in the preparation of female heavy transport drivers, other brands in the sector began similar projects last year, which reflects positive progress in inclusion and labor diversity in the transportation industry. transport.