Mercedes-Benz presented in Peru the new generation of its 0500

The German manufacturer ensures that it is a product adapted to the needs of the Peruvian market, such as roads in poor condition and long working hours, as well as heights above 4,000 meters above sea level.

29 August 2023

Mercedes-Benz presented its new generation of the well-known O500 chassis for buses, which becomes the most powerful of the German brand. It has 480 HP of power and it is a product designed according to the demanding characteristics of the Peruvian market, that is, it has passed tests in different territories in Peru such as La Oroya, Arequipa, Cusco, among others.


“We are known for listening to our customers and recognizing certain opportunities for improvement. From there, the O500 was born, a powerful and versatile vehicle that is capable of handling various types of routes and climates on the coast, mountains, and jungle. We have incorporated all those needs and demands that we have identified along the way in a joint effort that we have carried out together with Mercedes-Benz and the Divemotor engineers”, indicates José Luis Llanos, Manager of the Mercedes-Benz vans and buses division. .

This new chassis means a considerable improvement over the current buses marketed by Daimler in terms of power and transmission efficiency. The O500 buses have more horsepower and use a new gearbox to improve fuel efficiency.

“The previous range has 380 Hp and 420 Hp, while this new one has 450 Hp and 480 Hp, respectively. It is more powerful and therefore safer because it is more responsive to adversity. In addition, it has better fuel economy, and it is a stronger bus to be able to make routes in different types of operation. Additionally, the mechanical gearbox is left behind and replaced by an automated 12-speed one, which allows the driver to concentrate much more on the road”, Llanos points out.


There are two variants presented at the Divemotor event: O500RS 1945 and O500RSD 2448. The first is 4×2, while the second is 6×2. In addition, they use the same engine with different configurations in terms of power and torque. Regarding the 1945 O500RS, Wesley Andrade Dos Santos, Bus Sales Manager at Mercedes-Benz Latin America, explains: "This chassis weighs nine tons, has an OM460 engine that generates 450 Hp and 2,100 Nm of torque, associated with a transmission box automated 12-speed DZF with integrated retarder and rear-wheel drive.

Dos Santos adds that the engine is a vertical six-cylinder and it is the same one used by the Actros truck. In addition, that the origin of the chassis is 100% Brazilian and the engine complies with the Euro 5 emission standard, although with an electronic architecture of a Euro 6.

Regarding the O500RSD 2448, Fabio Marques, Bus Corporate Accounts Assistant Manager at Mercedes-Benz Peru, mentions: “In this case, that same 12.9-liter turbocharged OM460 engine generates 480 Hp and 2,300 Nm of torque. Together with its automated gearbox, this vehicle is ideal for overcoming the mountains and slopes that exist in Peru”.