Volkswagen 14,190 SCD chassis reaches 1,500 units sold in Mexico

The platform developed by Volkswagen Trucks and Buses specifically to meet the needs of the Mexican market, reaches a production and marketing milestone in the northern country.

21 September 2023

Volkswagen Trucks and Buses has been working hard on its global expansion and one of its big bets is the Mexican market, it is the Volksbus 14.190 SCD bus chassis, developed according to the requirements of local transporters, launched 5 years ago and which has just been exceed 1,500 units sold in that country.


Following its vision of customized development, with products adapted to each market, the Volksbus 14.190 SCD is an example of this: with the driver repositioned and moved towards the rear of the vehicle, it allows the operator to perform the collection function, a common practice in the Mexican market. With capacity for up to 45 seated passengers, the model maintains characteristics already recognized as particular to the Volksbus line. This is the case of the 190 HP MAN D08 engine, without the use of Urea as an additive, and the comfort and safety guaranteed with its chassis, axles, suspension, ABS brakes and springs, in addition to its robustness and ease of maintenance.


The new FSB 5406A transmission follows the Mexican driver's preference for a synchronized and direct lever mechanical drive system. For fleet owners and operators in the country, these features guarantee greater repairability, better performance and durability in the most diverse operations on the market.

In its first year, this chassis already represented 20% of the total marketed in Mexico and today it is the best seller in its segment: "This result reflects our strategy of always being close to customers, listening to their needs, and we are further in partnership with the entire chain. We developed local suppliers and also established exclusive alliances with Mexican assembly companies to make this launch possible five years ago. With all this effort, the Volksbus has become synonymous with performance, comfort, robustness and safety," said Álvaro Rodríguez, Quality Manager of Volkswagen Trucks and Buses in Mexico.