Transmilenio E-Buses

VG Mobility will supply express consortium 1056- E-Buses to operate Transmilenio, in Bogotá.


16 November 2023

VG Mobility, a company belonging to the Dutch company Vitol and Consorcio Express, one of the largest operators of the Transmilenio system in both its trunk and zonal components, have signed an agreement to ensure the supply of 1,056 electric buses over the next 6 years.

VG Mobility has accumulated experience in the supply of more than 400 electric buses in the Transmilenio system, 40 in Chile located in Antofagasta and two electroterminals. Combining with the operational capacity of Consorcio Express, these 1,056 buses will be renewed with diesel and hybrid technologies, which will be replaced by 100% electric vehicles.

Transmilenio E-Buses

With this agreement, Consorcio Express, operator of the towns of San Cristóbal Sur and Usaquén, will have in its fleet the latest technology, clean, efficient and environmentally friendly electric buses that will promote the transition process towards true sustainable mobility in the capital. from the country. Additionally, it will allow the transportation that travels between the Portal del 20 de Julio and connects with Carrera Séptima to have vehicles capable of reducing the rates of environmental and noise pollution.

“The electrification of transport fleets is a key component of the energy transition if, collectively, we want to achieve our decarbonization goals. This partnership between VGMobility and Consorcio Express to electrify Bogotá's municipal bus fleet will help achieve such important objectives,” explained R Andrew de Pass, CFA, Head of Renewable and Sustainable Investments at Vitol.

Consorcio Express operates more than 3,000 buses of both the zonal and trunk components in Transmilenio using diesel, hybrid and EuroVI natural gas technologies. It also has activities in Peru through Grupo Express del Perú with 3 bus routes in the capital Lima. For its part, VGMobility is a Vitol company, an expert in global energy logistics that, by partnering with Vitol's global presence, achieves a unique position to help companies achieve their low carbon objectives and meet the requirements of cities to move to electromobility.