These will be Chevrolet's new Euro 6 products for 2023

As part of its strategy for the implementation of the new standard, Chevrolet launched an educational round on the Euro VI standard together with the sector's specialized press.

13 December 2022

Positioning itself as one of the countries that has made the most progress in the energy transition in Latin America (according to the Energy Transition Index, ETI, of the World Economic Forum), Colombia joins the implementation of the Euro 6 Diesel regulation, by demanding the regulations on cargo and passenger transport as of January 1, 2023, being the first Spanish-speaking country in Latin America to introduce this technology.


The Euro 6 standard, introduced in Colombia by Law 1972 of 2019 and regulated through Resolution 0762 of 2022, is the sixth generation of a series of qualifications granted by the European Union to the standards designed to define what the limits are. acceptable when measuring the emissions of vehicles fed with fuels derived from hydrocarbons. Each regulation seeks to be more rigorous than the previous one, taking into account the new technologies available to reduce the emissions of polluting particles and gases, thus improving the air quality of cities and reducing respiratory diseases in the population.

The construction of Law 1279 of 2019 was a nationwide effort in which the automotive industry, the hydrocarbons sector, the Congress of the Republic and the National Government were actively involved, working together to position Colombia in the vanguard of Latin America towards better air quality.

According to Diana Ávila, marketing manager for Chevrolet Buses and Trucks, as of January 1 this transformation will be a reality thanks to the fact that cargo transportation has opened up new opportunities for a sector that plans to be increasingly sustainable. environmentally. “The new standards bring a double advantage that is worth betting on, since it not only helps to improve air quality, but these new technologies will also allow us to have better control in the operations of our customers' fleets. , helping them to optimize maintenance times”.


In this context, Chevrolet presented a training campaign with which it hopes to provide information on the Euro VI standard to its network of customers and dealers in the country, leveraging its new line of trucks that include the latest technology. This pedagogical strategy has been carried out in Bogotá, Cali, Medellín and Barranquilla through the "Expertos del Camino" program with more than 200 transporters, achieving an improvement in the skills of drivers in environmental terms, as well as a correct implementation of this regulation at the operational level.

Chevrolet consolidates its leadership in the market -with a 40% share- thanks to a wide coverage of support and support to customers, sales force, financial entities and brand technicians. This practice reflects the company's commitment to make a complete transition from Euro IV and V regulations to Euro VI, the most recent and efficient in reducing polluting emissions, by involving and preparing its strategic allies in a clear and simple way. for the execution of the standard, whose implementation will be the Chevrolet flag on diesel cargo and passenger vehicles to account for the company's responsibility against climate change.

The Chevrolet Buses and Trucks plant is already assembling the first units and is undergoing its final tests and analyzes to start continuous production of this technology, adapted to the entire product portfolio to be available as of 2023, the year in which it will be launched. will carry out the official launch, guaranteeing its clients a calm adoption, without risks and with all the guarantee and support that characterizes the brand.

Although the definitive conformation of the portfolio has not yet been revealed, we were able to see first-hand the trucks of the NHR, NLR, FVZ and FVR lines that will be part of the new Euro 6 menu, and according to what was discussed with the technicians and marketing area of the brand, the N-series bus chassis will also be on the market in 2023.