Superpolo exports new buses to Chile

New batch of 12-meter “standard” type vehicles.

04 August 2023

Subus is undoubtedly one of the most important operators of the urban transport system in the city of Santiago de Chile. In its 16 years, operating Trunk 2 and Food Zone G, it has managed to accumulate a fleet of 1,070 buses, employing almost 4,300 people in its 8 locations distributed throughout the Chilean capital. After having received 279 articulated buses made in Colombia by Superpolo and mounted on a Volvo B8R Euro 6 low-floor platform, they will now receive a new batch of 12-meter “standard” type vehicles, with capacity for 80 passengers, with low entry and equipped with the ultra-low emission chassis of the Swedish manufacturer.


The Gran Viale BRT is characterized by the slope of its windshield (divided into three parts), and the aerodynamic roof fairing, which, in this specific case, allows covering the components of the air conditioning equipment installed on the roof.

It also differs from other models due to the integral windows at two levels, which denote the difference between the front area (low floor) and the rear, where the platform rises a little more. This entry condition at pavement level facilitates access for passengers in wheelchairs, who can access the interior of the passenger lounge through a simple folding manual ramp. This type of passenger has a specially conditioned space for their transport, equipped with a padded backrest, three-point seat belt and call bell.

There are also preferential seats for people with reduced mobility, such as the elderly or pregnant mothers, duly identified by the color red, and close to the accesses. The anti-vandalism plastic seats have armrests and puffed upholstery to improve comfort.