Scania presented the Super Euro VI portfolio in Colombia.

The new line of low emission products promises savings in fuel consumption of at least 8% and incorporates the advanced ADAS 2.0 active safety system.

29 August 2023

With the presence of the Swedish ambassador in Colombia, Helena Storm, Scania Colombia presented to the press and its main customers its new line of products called "Super", characterized by its lower fuel consumption and its considerable reduction in the mission of elements pollutants for the environment.

Its commitment is to lead the change towards a sustainable transport system, allowing Colombian transporters to carry out efficient, profitable and safe operations throughout the country, through a new update of its powertrain that will allow greater mechanical availability, a fuel savings of 8%, increased payload, and an ADAS 2.0 security system.


With a solid 13-year track record in Colombia, Scania has marked its commitment to creating sustainable mobility solutions that benefit companies, society and the environment. The company's innovative proposal, the SUPER portfolio, redefines sustainability, safety and efficiency in the field of buses and trucks, aligning itself with Scania's three fundamental pillars: energy efficiency, renewable fuels and smart and safe transport.

The promise of an 8% more efficient future is driven by the new SUPER portfolio, which introduces a 13-litre XPI engine and an optimized powertrain, achieving fuel savings of 8%. The improved modularity of these vehicles facilitates transport processes and optimizes load distribution. Equipped with Euro6 technology to meet the most stringent emissions regulations globally, these vehicles set a new standard for operation and economy in the industry.

Safety is a non-negotiable commitment for Scania, and the new SUPER portfolio demonstrates this by incorporating the advanced Driver Assistance System – ADAS 2.0. This system includes features such as adaptive cruise control, advanced automatic braking system, lane departure alert, and a network of sensors and cameras for interactions with other vehicles on the road.


Technology also plays a vital role through the Scania Connect system, which uses advanced sensors and wireless connectivity to provide transporters with valuable information on vehicle performance and condition, enabling them to optimize operation and maintenance.

To support transporters, Scania Finance offers various financing options and personalized advice, ensuring adequate cash flow for your needs.

The launch of the new SUPER line took place at an event in Bogotá, which was attended by senior Scania executives, specialized press, customers and enthusiasts from the automotive sector. With its focus on sustainability, safety and efficiency, Scania has redefined the standard of transportation in Colombia with its SUPER portfolio.