San Andrés Islands in Colombia, continues to approach electromobility

The EEDAS is preparing to evaluate offers to acquire an electric bus

08 July 2023

The island of San Andrés, together with the energy company of the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina S.A E.S.P (EEDAS S.A) has concluded the tender for the adjustments of an electrical technology bus with special requirements and specifications for the island.


This tender does not refer to the acquisition of a 100% electric e-bus, but to the adjustments of a bus with an electric chassis, which must meet a series of requirements that are essential by the EEDAS to comply and satisfy the island needs. This transformation must meet the following requirements:

Automotive type seats, one for the driver and eighteen for the passengers

Elevator for the ascent and descent of passengers with reduced mobility.

Air conditioning for the correct regulation of temperatures

Must have an internal bathroom.

The correct compliance with the norms and regulations in force in the country.


Apart from the aforementioned requirements, the technical guarantees mentioned in the tender must be met, such as the one-year or 20,000-kilometer guarantee in the proper functioning of the bodywork and structural and electrical adaptations.

The deadline for submitting applications for the tender was June 14, from this date until next Tuesday, June 20, the evaluation report of the proposals received will be published.

And from June 23 to 28, the subscription, perfection and legalization of the contract with which this new stage for mobility on the island will begin will be closed.