The new electric double-decker buses that will roll in Latin America

Which city on our continent will debut buses built in the London style?

29 August 2023

“What if we bring the classic London buses to Santiago?” said Chile's Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Juan Carlos Muñoz. After the sentence, he announced the arrival of ten double-decker electric buses in the capital, which will be incorporated into the public transport network starting in October.

Very similar to the buses of the English capital, these machines promise to offer more comfort, capacity and, in the words of the authority, "make an icon of Santiago". Vehicles built in China by BYD have some interesting developments.


Characteristics of the double-decker buses of Santiago

The most impressive specification of these buses is that they have floors, which allows the passenger load density to be considerably increased. They are 4.1 meters tall and only 12 meters long, making them easy to maneuver.

In this line, the new buses in Santiago have 70 seats, so, taking into account those who are seated and standing, it would be able to mobilize about 100 people.

With two doors to receive passengers, on the first floor is the respective space for people with reduced mobility. In addition, both in the first and in the second, the infrastructure is equipped with air conditioning, security cameras, USB ports for charging and WiFi.


Finally, the buses have three axles, which allows for proper weight distribution and compliance with the applicable regulations in terms of maximum load distribution per wheel.

The B12C01 model can charge from 0 to 100% in less than two hours, using rapid service chargers, thus achieving a maximum range of 280 km.

What will be the route of the double-decker buses in Santiago?

The pilot test of these buses was carried out six years ago and, now, the authorities have approved that from October they begin to tour the city and mobilize its inhabitants. It is not yet known exactly what its route will be, but the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications (MTT) announced that it could connect Pajaritos with the National Stadium.

“This type of bus is unprecedented in our continent. You will not find double-decker buses, but in other cities, such as London or Hong Kong. In this sense, our city, Santiago de Chile, continues to be at the forefront of urban public transport mobility," said Minister Muñoz.