New BYD units for the Mexican capital

There are 20 units that will debut on line 4 of the Metrobús

19 January 2024

Continuing with its philosophy of providing sustainable mobility solutions, BYD, Build Your Dreams, delivered the first twenty electric units to the Government of Mexico City for Metrobús Line 4; of a total of 55 that will soon be in operation, and that will replace the line's initial fleet of buses with combustion engines.


The public transportation system, Metrobús, not only changed the urban landscape and the mobility of citizens, but also contributed greatly to the improvement of air quality in Mexico City. 18 years ago, public transportation was mostly made up of highly polluting minibuses, which were replaced by the first bi-articulated bus units that at the time were the viable solution to the problem. Currently, the CMDX Metrobús has 164 kilometers, in this administration alone three of the lines were expanded to achieve a total of 30 extra km, which generates the movement of 1.8 million users.

Rosario Castro, general director of the CDMX Metrobús, pointed out that, as part of the transformation of the mobility system, transportation must be ecological and sustainable, which is why since 2018, said technological change was entrusted, which was achieved in 2023 with the commissioning of electrical units on Line 3.

BYD, Build Your Dreams, buses are 15 meters long, with a low floor, which helps with boarding at street level; with a capacity for 130 passengers, a range of 200 kilometers and a battery capacity of 300 kWh and its recharge time is 3 hours. In addition to contributing to the reduction of hearing pollution, they also have space for people with disabilities, an access ramp, as well as the ability to lower the suspension for adequate access for people in wheelchairs. They also have a video surveillance system and communication systems connected to the control center.


On the other hand, the project carried out by Enel were installed and will be operated by Enel X México with a total capacity of 5MW. With this new infrastructure, Enel X México becomes the largest operator of charging stations for public transportation in the country, with almost 10 MW installed.

The launch of the new BYD electric buses in the CDMX Metrobús system reflects the trust of the institutions that manage public transportation in companies that are experts in mobility based on clean energy, therefore, BYD, the manufacturer of High-end 100% electric buses, responsible for the development of motors, controllers, batteries, as well as high-security bodies, guarantee efficiency and safety in its models, which has placed it as a leader in sustainable mobility solutions worldwide.

The event was held with the presence of the head of the Substitute Government of Mexico City, Martí Batres Guadarrama; Andrés Lajous Loeza, Secretary of Mobility of CDMX; Rosario Castro Escorcia, general director of the CDMX Metrobús; Alberto Adib Carrera, Institutional Promotion Executive at Nacional Financiera; Adrián Escamilla, executive director of Corridor Centro Aeropuerto; Rafael Burgos, Director of Enel X and Ray Zou, President of BYD México.