Modasa Zeus 5, the new DD that enters the Latin American market

The brand presented its new two-story model with a height of 4.1 meters.

16 November 2023

Almost two decades after the launch of the Zeus, the first double-decker bus built by Modasa in Peru, the factory is launching its most recent road model in its fifth generation worldwide. More than 85 orders for various countries were finalized before its revelation.



Before a large audience from the main Spanish-speaking countries, Motores Diesel Andinos S.A. better known as Modasa, made the public presentation of its new DD model, called Zeus 5.

It is a two-story model with 4.1 meters high, a maximum width of 2.6 meters and variable length, depending on the type of chassis to which it is attached and the needs of its clients, who can order it in 14, 14.4 and even 15 meters long, which can be mounted on Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Scania and MAN chassis according to the emissions level requested by the authorities of each country.

The passenger capacity also accommodates the client's request, since Modasa has a wide portfolio of seats; from reclining executive seats to the most comfortable armchairs that convert into beds and recline 180°. Thus, there can be buses with just over 30 seats and a maximum level of comfort, as well as vehicles in high-density configurations with more than 64 seats.

The new Zeus 5 is lighter. It now weighs 560 kilos less than the previous model, in part due to the simplification of assemblies and processes that led to a considerable reduction in the number of parts required to build the model. In addition, it has greater capacity in its fuel tanks (located on the first floor under the passenger platform) which now exceed 820 liters. The storage volume of the holds also increased by more than 1m3, while the luggage racks can carry 20% more hand luggage.



Not only the driving cabin received new finishing details and technology such as the multiplexed system for electronic control. Both floors have new finishing details that make the bus very attractive to travelers. During the presentation, it was possible to see three different levels of comfort in two vehicles intended for both the local and export markets.

The seats now have three types of foam and four types of upholstery to provide a superior finish and a high level of comfort and durability. The base of each seat is molded polyurethane foam, which receives another layer of comfort foam or “latex”. As it is known in Peru. Finally, the headrest and lumbar area have viscoelastic foam or “memory foam”, which adapts to the shape of the body and improves passenger support, especially on winding routes. The upholstery is made up of automotive fabric in the central part, perforated vinyl leather, smooth vinyl leather on the sides and neoprene (velvet) in the headboard.

Just as CIVA placed a significant order for units of the new model, other companies in Chile, Mexico and Peru have already placed their orders. A new representation has been installed in Colombia and it is expected to begin receiving orders shortly, given the favorable commercial issues that the new Zeus presents. It is expected that in the coming months the other vehicles of Modasa's foreign bus line will acquire the same characteristics of the model revealed in Lima, starting with the 400 floor-and-a-half model until reaching the single-floor models.