Mercedes-Benz Expo Foro 2024

Mercedes-Benz and Its Euro 6 and Electric Bet at the Mobility Forum Expo

Exploring the latest Mercedes-Benz innovations in clean and efficient technologies for sustainable mobility

06 March 2024

Mercedes-Benz Autobuses stood out at the 2024 Mobility Forum Expo with its Euro 6 buses and its O500 U electric chassis, marking a milestone in sustainable mobility. The event, organized by the National Chamber of Passenger and Tourism Transportation, was the perfect setting for Mercedes-Benz to show its leadership in the sector. Models presented included Marcopolo's Boxer-bodied MBO 1421/60 bus and the front-engined OF 1421/48 Torino bus. The Euro 6 unit was noted for its efficiency and safety, including a new 480 hp engine and ABS brakes. Mercedes-Benz also revealed its electric chassis, an innovative project focused on electric mobility, which is part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Mercedes-Benz Buses

Mercedes-Benz Euro 6 vehicles stand out for their efficiency and low emissions, meeting the strictest environmental standards. Among the models exhibited were:

  • O 500 U rear-engine city bus: Offers high performance and comfort for passengers, with a modern design and latest generation technology.
  • OF 1421/48 Chassis: Ideal for urban transport bodies, it combines robustness with low fuel consumption and reduced emissions.
Mercedes-Benz Bus


Electrification was also the protagonist at the Mercedes-Benz stand. The brand presented the eCitaro chassis, a fully electric city bus that offers silent and emission-free operation.

In addition to the vehicles, Mercedes-Benz exhibited its commitment to universal accessibility. The stand had an elevator for people with mobility disabilities and older adults, allowing all visitors to enjoy the experience.

Expo Foro Movilidad 2024 was a great opportunity for Mercedes-Benz to show its leadership in technology and its commitment to sustainability. The German brand continues to promote the future of public transport with innovative and efficient solutions.