Marcopolo reinforces presence in the international market with participation in Busworld Europe

The event will be held from October 7 to 12 in Brussels, capital of Belgium

21 September 2023

Marcopolo, the main developer of mobility solutions in Brazil and positioned among the largest in the world, reinforces its presence in the international market with participation in Busworld Europe, the largest bus meeting on the planet. The event will be held from October 7 to 12 in Brussels, capital of Belgium, an event that will bring together manufacturers, suppliers, transport and service operators.

In a 500 m² stand, the brand that already operates in a large part of the global market, will present two buses that are part of the latest developments of the Brazilian giant: the Marcopolo G8, the company's new generation of road vehicles, and a model powered by hydrogen cell. The strategy seeks to highlight the company's advances in the mobility segment and present differentials, such as the union of renowned Brazilian design and global technology, and the high standard of quality and sophistication of the products, the result of the experience acquired in operations in countries such as South Africa, Argentina, Australia, China, Colombia and Mexico, in addition to the creations conceived at its headquarters, at the Caxias do Sul facilities.


Innovations for the public

To reinforce concepts such as the high standard of quality and sophistication, in addition to the commitment to the future of mobility, the company will present for the first time in Europe a Double Decker Marcopolo Generation 8 road model, one of the best-sellers in 2022, in Brazil and abroad, with more than a thousand units sold in two years of launch.

Another highlight is the hydrogen cell-powered vehicle, developed from the body of the Audace 1050 model bus, produced at the China unit. Sinosynergy provides the core part of the fuel cell technology, including the membranes and Fuel Cell drive. For its part, Allenbus is responsible for the vehicle's fuel cell chassis.

“The demand for sustainable vehicles powered by renewable fuels is already a reality in the world's main markets. We carry out development projects for vehicles powered by hydrogen cells in different countries around the world, with a solution developed in Brazil, in addition to models produced with Asian partners and in Australia, in addition to supplying more than 700 hybrid and electric models, with partner chassis , which are in operation in countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Australia, China, Chile and Argentina,” says Armaganijan.



Marcopolo's portfolio also includes urban models, minibuses, Volare brand vehicles and road vehicles, as well as electromobility solutions, such as the 100% electric Attivi Integral bus, with its own chassis and which is already participating in a demonstration program in cities. Brazilians such as São Paulo, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Angra dos Reis, among others, in addition to hybrid models.

Global player in transportation solutions

Marcopolo has expanded its businesses around the world and, through partnerships, innovation and technology, aims to offer mobility solutions that can be applied in different markets. In this context, Marcopolo's differentials are high production capacity, flexibility and product customization, according to the needs of customers and the markets where it operates. “This strategy stands out for our positioning of bringing people closer, through mobility solutions that guarantee safety, comfort and access to innovation and technology,” highlights the company's CEO.

In South America, the company is a leader in the segment and has operations in Colombia, with Superpolo, forming a joint-venture with the Fanalca Group, where it is responsible for supplying vehicles for the renewal of the fleet of the Transmilenio BRT system. Last year there were 1,031 in the region. In Argentina, the Metalsur factory, in the Province of Santa Fe, produced 642 units in 2022, including urban and highway vehicles.