IVECO BUS presented its E-WAY electric bus in Uruguay, the first of its kind in the region. (By Motor a Diesel)

Zero carbon emissions, offering its customers a complete and happy electromobility option.

15 January 2023

IVECO BUS presented its E-Way electric bus in Uruguay, the first of its kind in the region. IVECO has presented its innovative E Way urban bus in Uruguay. As we have recently announced in Diesel Engine, if there are two countries that will promote the electrification of vehicles, in South America, they are Uruguay and Chile. Two countries that do not have self-supply of fuel and must import it. Therefore, electrification becomes an imperative need, added to the protection of the environment.

Furthermore, IVECO knows that Uruguay can become a platform for the development of these electric buses, and after having been tested and approved for the region, they can be marketed in other countries in the region.


IVECO together with Santa Rosa, authorized IVECO distributor in Uruguay, presented the E-WAY, a few weeks ago. It is an innovative, reliable and high-performance electric vehicle. Electromobility represents a solution to respond to the challenges of cities, improve the quality of life and reduce noise pollution.

And as we anticipated, Uruguay has reached a high supply of electrical energy, thanks to the development of wind energy, a green energy that helps to close the circle of generation and clean consumption of electricity.

With this incorporation, the brand seeks to contribute to the energy transition in transport towards low mobility solutions and zero carbon emissions, offering its customers a complete and flexible electromobility option.

The E-WAY full electric bus has a modern IVECO design and functional internal layout, with quality and friendly materials. It is designed to provide a pleasant and comfortable trip to the passengers, complying with the operating conditions, with smooth driving and acceleration that is silent and free of vibrations.

Danilo Fetzner, Commercial Director of IVECO BUS in the region, pointed out that with the E-WAY range of fully electric city buses, we live up to the expectations of our customers that are evolving, including also new trends in terms of digitization of products.

On E-WAY models, batteries are located in the roof and rear compartment to allow access to the low floor and maximize passenger capacity, providing the best balance between space and performance. This fully electric range is available in four different lengths (9.5 m, 10.7 m, 12 m and 18 m), presenting a variable capacity in terms of the number of passengers on board according to the purpose of use of the vehicle. A bus broke a range record of 453 km, an important distance for an urban bus like this.




This company is constantly expanding its activities around the world with a presence in more than 40 countries. Continuing with its commitment to caring for the environment and reducing polluting emissions, the company shares its portfolio of clean energy products for the Uruguayan market, including its latest generation of -WAY full electric. This bus in Europe has already achieved a good reputation for its range and low power consumption. Which puts it among the best in the industry.

IVECO BUS today offers a complete range of products for the mobility of people: from urban and interurban buses to minibuses, promoting continuous synergies with public and private players in the sector. IVECO BUS is highly committed to sustainable mobility and the development of a low-carbon public transport system, offering mobility solutions powered by various alternative energies.

"Sustainability is a priority for IVECO BUS. It is a choice we make in our day-to-day considering the entire value chain of the products and services we offer", says Marcio Querichelli, president of IVECO in Latin America.


IVECO BUS has always responded to the growing needs of its customers to obtain ever cleaner vehicles that are respectful of natural resources, the environment and public health, offering mature, virtuous and eco-responsible transport solutions. Adapted to all kinds of missions: urban, peri-urban or inter-urban, both suburban and medium-distance tourist services, the IVECO BUS models put the company's experience at the service of environmental and sustainable mobility.


Source: Motor a Diesel