Irizar presents its new generation of efficient buses at Expobus

It presented two models of its Irizar i6S Efficient line in the town of Silleda.

16 November 2023

Irizar, the most renowned bus manufacturer in Spain, presents in the town of Silleda, two models of its Irizar i6S Efficient line, which show the improvements introduced in its range, the most efficient in its history, according to the brand. With it, consumption improves even more, weight is reduced and safety and comfort conditions for drivers and passengers are also improved.

The new vehicles have a digital camera system, which offers optimal panoramic vision in all conditions, also resulting in a substantial improvement in safety. These advances have meant that a large part of the Irizar i6S Efficient produced already integrate this digital camera system.


In its 240 m² stand, in the most important exhibition in the region of Galicia, the brand will show two Irizar i6S Efficient: about 13m in integral version and one of 14m on Volvo B13 chassis, as well as another Irizar i6S Efficient 13m at the MAN stand. And also one about Volvo B13 at the Volvo stand.

Since its launch in May last year, the Irizar i6S Efficient became the most efficient coach in Irizar's history, with a reduction in consumption and emissions of up to 13%, a weight reduction of up to 950 kg and a improvement of the aerodynamic coefficient of 30%.

According to the brand's representatives, "today, Irizar presents a new generation of Efficient vehicles with an additional reduction in consumption of up to 5%, an improvement in weight optimization and that also complies with all the new regulations of GSR and cybersecurity. An improved range that has a new driver's position that includes a new steering wheel, updated keys and a new version of the clock panel, with an updated design and the option to select night mode when driving. In addition, the digital camera system available for this range offers better visibility under any environmental conditions.”


As in all Irizar models, the new Irizar i6S Efficient is available on any chassis available on the market, as well as in an integral version, in 2 and 3 axles, from 10.78 meters to 15 meters and with engines from 370CV to 530CV.

Fatigue tests and durability tests carried out at IDIADA, one of the most prestigious applied research institutes in the world, guaranteed its efficiency, reliability and quality.

Today, a total of around 700 units of the Irizar i6S Efficient are circulating on roads around the world in the most demanding operating conditions, with notable results in reliability and consumption.

The Irizar i6S Efficient has a particularly relevant presence in countries such as Spain, France, Italy... The important value added by the reduction of consumption and the innovative design of the new Irizar i6S Efficient are being key in the geographical expansion of Irizar in regions such as Scandinavia, Germany or the Baltic countries.