Innovation and Sustainability in Mobility: Master Transportation Leads the Way in Paraguay

With a million-dollar investment, Taiwan marks a new chapter in the electromobility industry in South America

05 March 2024

Sustainable mobility is about to take a significant leap in Paraguay thanks to Master Transportation Bus Manufacturing Ltd. of Taiwan, which has announced an ambitious project to establish an electric bus factory in the country. With an estimated investment of 30 million dollars, this project not only focuses on meeting the needs of the Paraguayan market, but also has its sights set on exporting to other Mercosur countries.

What is notable about this initiative is the combination of technological innovation and environmental sustainability. Master Transportation's electric buses, equipped with fast-charging battery systems, promise to be an efficient solution for urban transportation. This technology not only decreases the demand for space in cities, but also significantly reduces construction costs. In addition, these buses have a range of between 170 to 400 kilometers per day, which makes them a viable and sustainable option for urban mobility.


The project has a potential significant economic impact for Paraguay. It is expected to generate between 2,000 and 2,500 direct jobs, also benefiting numerous local suppliers. Conversations between Master Transportation representatives and Paraguayan authorities, including the Minister of Industry and Commerce and the Vice Minister of Industry, have highlighted the economic benefits of adopting electric buses in the country.

This proposal represents an important step towards a more sustainable future for Paraguay, demonstrating the potential of electromobility not only for the local market but also as an export opportunity in the region. Master Transportation's vision is clear: to bring Paraguay to the forefront of sustainable mobility in South America, marking a milestone in the public transportation industry with clean and efficient technologies.