Flixbus partners with Scania to carry out a bus project powered by Biogas

The vehicles will be built by Irizar in Spain and represent a new challenge in terms of long-distance mobility with low emissions.

21 September 2023

Flixbus, a European bus and train operator, and Scania, one of the largest manufacturers of bus chassis, and which is part of the Traton Group, have established a long-term collaboration to equip up to 50 buses of their partner buses, with the LNG (liquefied gas) system.

Both companies see this cooperation “an opportunity to accelerate the ecological transition in mobility through the development of new solutions and to influence the design of the necessary infrastructure,” as they defend in a statement.


The technologies used, developed and manufactured by Scania are designed to allow the use of LNG and Bio-LNG (LBG) interchangeably to facilitate the transition towards the most sustainable gas solution.

Biogas buses

The objective is to progressively increase the proportion of Bio-LNG (LBG) from organic waste, carrying out a systematic balancing of the mixture until the coaches run entirely on Bio-LNG, which will result in a reduction rate of CO2 emissions expected around 80%.


Irizar, the European manufacturer of buses and coaches, will incorporate the Irizar i6s Efficient body to the Scania frame, so 100% of these bodies will be manufactured in Spain. The equipment of the buses is expected to be completed by the end of 2025.

Scania's previous experience with biogas buses has already led to reduced CO2 emissions compared to diesel, as well as reduced noise, while still having the power and torque of equivalent diesel engines.