EME Bus and its kilometers of stories together with Volvo Buses in Chile

The company acquired 27 B450R units, 17 configured with 8×2 chassis and 10 6×2 units with Marcopolo and Comil bodies.

19 January 2024

The permanent provision of vehicles for the correct operation of a fleet is essential to deliver an efficient and quality service.

This is how the passenger transport company EME BUS has internalized it in its more than 30 years of experience, which with nearly 250 buses traveling from Tomé, its city of origin, also represents the effort and work since the origin of its history.


Mario Muñoz Montecinos and his children Patricio, Mario and Macarena, today lead a story full of emotions that make the people of Tomé feel proud of the great company they have built over the years thanks to the loyalty of their customers.

Volvo Buses has accompanied Eme Bus for decades and wanted to highlight its history given the strategic alliance with the company committed to continuing to travel and unite people and which recently acquired 27 Volvo B450R units, 17 configured 8 x 2 and 10 units 6 x 2 with bodies Marcopolo and Comil.

With more than 1,400 employees, Eme Bus is a passenger transport company recognized as 100% regional, based and native of Tomé in the 8th region, which invests in a permanent renewal of its fleet, a delicate service on board and the greatest safety. that its fleet can provide to its passengers.


Mario Muñoz, leader of the company, says that they began “doing services between Tomé, Concepción and Dichato, with front microphones, 320 with a reporting package. Then, in the year 90, we started going to Santiago and we grew very quickly. My brother who passed away named it Eme Bus, Empresa Muñoz and he started drawing the buses, he made them a different color and marked them.”

“We do a lot of work in Tomé, and I think people are proud of a company that grew in this small coastal area that today unites the entire country… where Volvo has become a strategic partner throughout all these years. . I believe that it has served us and helped us, because what we need is willingness and that is given to us by the speed of maintenance that Volvo provides us,” says Patricio Muñoz, Mario's son.