Busscar Brasil reaches 500 buses exported to Chile

At the beginning of August, Busscar reached an important milestone: it exported the 500th bus to Chile, all produced at the Joinville, SC unit. From the El Buss and Vissta Buss lines.

08 August 2023

The volume exported shows how much Busscar is working to consolidate itself in the foreign market, seeking to grow more and more in South America, according to Paulo Corso, its commercial director.

The commemorative vehicle that completes the 5 hundred exported to the southern country was a two-story model, delivered to Vicherat y Pradenas LTDA (Vivipra), representative of the Brazilian brand in the Andean country.


On the occasion of this milestone, a ceremony was held at the manufacturer's headquarters, in Joinville (Santa Catarina), with representatives of bus and retail companies, such as Asec, Buses Biaggini, Bus Sur, Cejer, Cormar, Inverdom, Queilen Bus, Serena Mar and Turistur, who took advantage of the opportunity to learn about Busscar's production process.

The commercial director of the company, and the export manager, Fabien Accariès, delivered a tribute plaque to the general manager of Vivipra, Christian Vicherat Hoffa, as a form of recognition for the five years of alliance with the brand in Chile. “There are 500 buses produced for Chile, a milestone that shows how Busscar is consolidating in the foreign market. We want to grow more and more in South America, keeping the clients that are already with us and conquering new paths”, said Corso.

“We are very happy to receive representatives from Vivipra and companies from the country to celebrate this number and to be able to show them a little more about our headquarters”, added Fabien Accariès.

Among the El Buss and Vissta Buss models, the following have already been exported to Chile: El Buss 320, Vissta Buss 340, Vissta Buss 360 and Vissta Buss DD.