Allison Transmission equips CNG buses in the largest transportation system in Colombia

Two of the largest operators in the country, take delivery of 263 new Scania F280 buses powered by CNG and equipped with Allison automatic transmissions

26 January 2023

The first Scania F280 4×2 Euro VI front-engined buses powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and equipped with Allison T375R fully automatic transmissions are entering service on the TransMilenio Integrated Public Transport System (SITP) in Bogotá, Colombia .

The results obtained by the operators have been extremely satisfactory, since the Allison transmissions manage to compensate for the altitude of Bogotá, which is 2,600 meters above sea level. The buses have intelligent technology that ensures that the vehicle achieves greater energy efficiency and performance with lower fuel consumption. Allison transmissions are perfect for gas engines as they increase torque at start-up, which translates into greater passenger comfort, as well as reduced noise pollution and emissions.


The automatic Scania buses have proven to be efficient in the most diverse topographical situations in the city, in addition to showing an excellent starting capacity on slopes with inclinations greater than 20%. The new buses equipped with the T375R also exceeded expectations in terms of fuel economy.

The new model, with a nine-meter body, for 50 passengers, is capable of operating in conditions that require smaller vehicles, without losing the sustainability character, both economic and environmental, in urban areas.

The shorter vehicle was specially developed to travel through steep areas, neighborhoods with narrow roads and downtown areas. The combination of the Allison T375R automatic transmission with the 280 hp CNG engine, which is Euro VI compliant, was perfect. This nine-meter bus configuration, Euro VI CNG and automatic, is being used for the first time in Bogotá and in the world.


Estas 263 unidades automáticas con GNC forman parte de los planes de renovación de flota, en varios de los

operators of the Integrated Transport System (SITP) in Bogotá and systems in other cities in Colombia. This fleet is being evaluated to include it in future purchase plans. SITP operators also have 562 Scania F340 HA Bi-articulateds, equipped with Allison B516R automatic transmission, in addition to Hino FC9J models with Allison T2200, and almost 1000 Bluebird and Thomas Buses with B300 transmission.

The 2 operators that have purchased these Scania F280 buses have built on the good experience with Allison on buses of other sizes, obtaining outstanding results in terms of durability, fuel efficiency and customer support. Factors that have made it possible for other operators to show interest in considering this configuration for other cities and countries in South America for the coming years.